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We are collaborating with the Rockbridge Symphony Orchestra to host a sensory friendly concert at Lexington Presbyterian Church on November 18th from 5-6:30pm!

What is a sensory-friendly concert?

The purpose of a sensory friendly performance is to ensure the concert is inviting and accessible for individuals with sensory sensitivities including persons with developmental disabilities and autism spectrum disorders. At this concert participants are free to move around, hum, clap to the music or even watch the concert live streamed in an onsite quiet room.  The musical selections are brief and familiar pieces that vary in terms of style, volume and tempo so there are plenty of opportunities to hear something you enjoy.  We will be providing each attendee with a small bag of sensory manipulatives which they are free to use throughout the performance. Finally, we have provided a social story about the event at the bottom of the page which may be helpful in preparing some people for the experience of attending the symphony. Our goal is for everyone to be able to enjoy the unique experience of attending a symphony concert in the community.    


Who should attend? 

This event is for everyone! This concert is not only for people with sensory sensitivities or developmental disabilities.  Anyone who doesn't need any of the additional supports or accommodations we are offering can still enjoy this great music as they would at any other symphony performance. We hope people of all ages, abilities, and experience with classical music come and enjoy this concert.  

What is the cost?

Children 12 and under are free
Student tickets are $5
All other adults are $10


Tickets will be available at the following locations:

University Florist

Cheese to You

Artists in Cahoots

Sugar Maple Trading Company

Lexington Presbyterian Church on the night of the concert

Or can be purchased here:

Intro to SFC by Artistic Director Yi-Ping Chen:
Social Story:
A Sensory Friendly Concert
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