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Community Resource Data Portal

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Housing VA

Housing Virginia offers this website as a comprehensive housing affordability resource that includes the most current available information on housing affordability. The measures highlighted here provide a benchmark of general affordability over time and illustrate the complexities of affordability. 


VA Dept. Health

This data portal was developed to provide a convenient access point for health-related data for Virginia. This portal is a comprehensive source for community health assessment, public, and population health data. Each data portal page provides interactive data at the most granular level available. Data requests can be made. 



VCHR provides publically available, easily accessible housing and affordability data. Reports published include address housing markets and affordability; preservation of federally-assisted, low-income housing; regulatory impacts on affordable housing; public-private housing partnerships; and diffusion of innovative housing technologies in residential construction. VCHR offers research-based information and technical assistance to government agencies, municipalities, businesses and non-profit organizations. 



VDOE reports a variety of data on public education in the commonwealth, including information on enrollment, demographics, student achievement, finances and safety. Report cards for schools, school divisions and the commonwealth provide detailed information about the quality of learning and instruction, including state and federal accountability ratings, grade-by-grade data on student achievement, graduation rates and teacher qualifications. 



The Blue Ridge Poison Center (BRPC) is staffed by nurses and doctors specially trained to handle all sorts of poisonings: from medicines, plants, household products, industrial chemicals, snake bites, carbon monoxide, and more. Our experts are available by phone for immediate, confidential, and free treatment advice 24 hours a day, every single day


VA Data

The Virginia Social Indicator Dashboard is a compilation of behavioral health data from various agencies and organizations across the state. The goal of the dashboard is to centralize key indicators of behavioral health and wellness to use as a resource for needs assessment, epidemiological monitoring and planning. 


VA Data

VAdata, managed by the Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance, is Virginia's web-based data collection system. VAdata was developed to enhance and improve the collection of statewide data from all survivors who use the services of sexual and domestic violence agencies across the state. Annual Statewide Sexual and Domestic Violence Reports are made public while access to VAdata Forms require user-id and password. 



Carilion Clinic and Live healthy Rockbridge partnered to conduct the 2018 RACHA. A Community Health Assessment (CHA) every three years will uncover issues, indicate where improvement goals are needed, and track and promote progress in key areas so that there is demonstrated, ongoing improvement. The work of conducting this CHA and the public availability of its findings is intended to enable the community to plan effectively the vital work of maintaining and improving health. 



The U.S. Census provides an extensive data set of population demographics.

Resources Contact Information

Kristin Wenger 

Education Coordinator, University of Virginia, Blue Ridge Poison Center 


Ph: 434-982-4386 

Mel Jones

Housing VA


Katie Gelman 

Omni- VASIS Dashboard


Bernnadette Knight 
State System of Care Evaluation and Data Coordinator 

Virginia Department of Behavioral Health & Developmental Services 

Ph:  804-298-3194 

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