Jan. 1955: Rockbridge County Mental Health Association forms.


Nov. 1963: Mental Health Association sponsors first mental health services available in Rockbridge area.


July 1968: Rockbridge Mental Health Services becomes part of State Mental Health Clinic system. Clinic, located at 11 Randolph Street in Lexington with only part-time staff, moves to Public Health Department building on White Street later in the year.


Jun. 1973: First meeting of Rockbridge Mental Health Clinic, Inc. The purpose of the corporation is to establish, construct, and maintain a mental health clinic to serve all of Rockbridge County including the Cities of Lexington and Buena Vista. The Clinic Board mounts a building campaign and raises $23,000 to construct a clinic on Highland Road (between Health Department and Waddell School) in Lexington.


Jan. 1977: Rockbridge Mental Health Clinic becomes a full-time clinic as William Dorfman, Ph.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist, is hired as full-time Director.


Oct. 1979: Dedication of new Rockbridge Mental Health Clinic at 315 Myers Street in Lexington.


Nov. 1982: Formation of Rockbridge Area Community Services Board serving Rockbridge County, Lexington, Buena Vista, and Bath County (through contract).


July 1983: Rockbridge Area Community Services Board responsible for provision of mental health, mental retardation, and substance abuse services in Rockbridge area.  Clinic staff members become employees of Community Services Board. Alcohol and drug services provided through contract with Alcohol Services of Rockbridge, Inc. (ASOR).


Sep. 1983: Michael Gilmore hired as Executive Director/Chief Clinical Officer for Community Services Board.


June 1984: Mental Health Clinic undergoes extensive renovations at Myers St. facility.


July 1984: ASOR employees become Community Services Board staff as Community Services Board provides substance abuse services directly.


May 1989: Eagle’s Nest Clubhouse moves to 101 E. 29th Street in Buena Vista.


Apr. 1992:  Bath County Board of Supervisors passes a resolution to officially join RACS.


Mar. 1993: Michael Gilmore presents a long-range building plan.


Feb. 1996: Board breaks ground for Rockbridge Meadows group home on Route 11.


Sep. 1996: Board establishes a group home in Millboro and names it "Wellman House" honoring community advocate Hall Wellman.


Sep. 1997: Mike Gilmore presents architectural drawings for a new building.


May 1998: Agency relocates administrative offices to 410 Mason Drive.


June 2000:  RACS establishes a group home at the Arc Acres farm in Natural Bridge.


Dec. 2000:  Established a transition house in Buena Vista.


Mar. 2002:  Adult Day Activity program relocates to present day Magnolia Center.


Apr. 2002:  Bath County Adult Day Activity program moves into Rudy Via Center in Millboro.


June 2002:  Supported Employment Program receives first full CARF accreditation of services.


Feb. 2003: Michael Gilmore accepts new position as Executive Director at Alexandria CSB.


July 2003: Dennis Cropper hired as Executive Director.


Sep. 2004:  RACS purchases a fifth group home, Deer Haven, in Buena Vista.


Mar. 2005:  Mason Dr. facility sold and administrative staff move into new offices at 241 Greenhouse Rd.


July 2005: Groundbreaking for new consolidated facility at 241 Greenhouse Rd. in Lexington.


Dec. 2005:  Advisory Board dissolved after all properties were transferred to the CSB.


May 2006:  Moved into new facility on Greenhouse Road.


Nov. 2006:  Sold the Myers St. facility to Hospice.


Dec. 2006:  $360,000 water damage to new facility from sprinkler head.


July 2007:  Opened Transition House 2 in Buena Vista.


Sep. 2007:  Purchased land for new Magnolia Center across from Greenhouse Road facility.


April 2008:  RACS "goes live" with its Electronic Health Records system - PsychConsult and drastically reduces dependency on paper records.


Nov. 2009:  Fire at Bacova outpatient office destroys building ($40,000 loss in equipment, supplies, and furniture) and the office moves into Warm Springs in January 2010.


Jan. 2010:  Another sprinkler head flood causes $120,000 in damages to the Greenhouse Road facility.


June 2011:  Moved Bath County Clinic to Mitchelltown.


Jan 2012:  On the 25th of January we finally "broke ground" for the construction of a new Magnolia Center - ID Day Support Program and pay cash for the construction.


May 2012:  The agency switched to CTO (Combined Time Off) for leave accounting.


Dec 2012:  On the 5th of December, we participated in "move in" day for Magnolia Center.  One week later they performed their Christmas play on the new stage.


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