Costs & Affordability

Why is there a fee for RACS services?

Why is there a fee for RACS services? Charging a fee for our services is the only way we can balance our budget and continue to provide the crucial mental health, substance abuse, and developmental disabilities services our community needs. Also, RACS operates under a contract with the Commonwealth of Virginia and is licensed through the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services, which require us to charge fees. However, we do all we can to keep our fees affordable. And we will never deny Emergency Services care due to your inability to pay.

What payment methods are accepted?

What payment methods are accepted? RACS accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, cash, and check.

Will my insurance cover RACS services?

Depending on the services you need, there's a good chance that your private insurance, Medicaid, or Medicare will cover fees to the extent provided in your plan. RACS is a participating provider with the insurers listed here.

What if I don't have insurance?

RACS offers a sliding fee scale based on your ability to pay. We want to make sure you get the maximum discount you're eligible for, which is why we ask you to bring your financial information to your first appointment and then to update your records with us each year. What if I have insurance but cannot afford the co-payments and/or deductible? It is very important that you don't delay the treatment you need. While RACS cannot waive collection of copayments or deductibles as mandated by your insurance plan, we will work with you to establish a payment plan that works for you.

When is payment due?

Usually, payment is due at time of service. You will receive a bill monthly for any unpaid balance.

The court ordered me to seek services from RACS. Will they pay the bill?

In general, you are required to pay for services ordered by the courts. However, as with any RACS services you receive, we will work with you to make sure you receive any financial assistance and discounts you are eligible for.

Rockbridge CSB Fee Schedule


A sliding fee scale is provided for those without insurance. 

We are participating providers for the following insurance plans and MCOs:

• Anthem
• Magellan
• Medicare
• Optima / Sentra Behavioral Health
• United Behavioral Health

• Value Options

• Virginia Health Network

• MH Net / Southern Health

• InTotal Health

• Anthem Health keepers Plus

• Optima

• Aetna Better Health of VA

• Virginia Premier Health Plan

Reasonable Fees for Top Quality Care

Rockbridge Area Community Services is committed to providing top-quality services to area residents at a reasonable cost. While we must charge a fee for our services, Medicare, Medicaid, and most private health insurance plans generally cover RACS outpatient services. We will do all we can to help you access your available benefits and will work with you to set up a payment plan that works for you. For those without insurance, we offer a sliding fee scale based on your ability to pay.

The Law: Insurance Coverage for Behavioral Health Care and Substance Use Disorder Services

Federal law requires insurers to provide comparable coverage for mental health, substance use disorder, and physical health care so people can get the treatment they need. If you have been denied coverage, have reached a limit on your plan, or have an overly large copay or deductible, the U.S. Department of Health and  Human Services Parity Website provides information and resources.

Mental Health GAP State Funding

If you do not have health insurance and meet the criteria set by the state, you may be eligible for health care coverage through the Governor's GAP SMI coverage for mental health and substance abuse treatment. Call us at 540-463-3141 to schedule a screening and for assistance with completing the application process. Click here for more information.